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of the injuries warranted being transported by helicopter. >> joining us on the telephone is dave carbon, he was right in the area when the train crashed, just camping nearby. dave, give us a little about your vantage point and what you saw. >> well, i was out here fishing and i heard a train go by like normal. and we heard a sound like we would never forget and we ran over there and saw the wreck. >> what did it look like? >> the trailer looked like a bomb went off. it was in a million pieces. the rear wheels were at least 150 yards away down the tracks. there was corn feed all over the place. >> right now you're at the scene. in terms of injuries and all the ambulances, we're seeing the video now. can you describe what you're seeing of the injured people on board? >> the police made us back up, but i've seen ambulances coming and going since the accident. a couple i believe were helicoptered out. >> and one last question, how close are you camping? where is your camp site in relation to this accident? >> i'm close enough that after i heard the crash hit, i ran over there and the corn that
elementary school. thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguire. an east bay father is not waiting to find out after a nasty and threatening note was left on the desk in walnut creek. the school said they are investigating, but parents are questioning whether they are really doing enough. live in walnut creek and how seriously are police taking this threat? >> reporter: they are taking it very sourcely and investigating what happened on friday. parents were giving this letter simply saying a threatening derogatory note was passed to a fifth grade student by fellow students and the victim said however they didn't respond fast enough. >> very hurtful for my daughter. she is only 11 years old. >> it was an anonymous note left on griffin's daughter's desk in walnut creek. >> the n word was used. threats to get their father's gun and come to school and shoot and kill my daughter. >> griffin said it included a drawing of his daughter being shot. >> there was actually a diagram written. stick figures with my daughter getting shot by a gun. then a message underneath it too.
transit is a dream for parents. >> this is a dream. drop them off. >> it's safe. >> a lot of us live in bad neighborhoods. what about the parents who can't take their kids all over the place to a safe school. >> sending her kids to a neighborhood school is just not aboption. >> lockwood is open. i live in that neighborhood. all they do is shoot down there. you need to worry about the kids while you're thinking about the money. >> closing it will remove a safety net oakland kids deserve. >> a lot of our children who want to come to a safer neighborhood than where they live now will not have the cannes. >> tony smith tells the restless crowd he hearings they concern. and now district leaders have a difficult decision to make. >> we have to figure out how to invest in fewer schools. we have 131 schools for 38,000 kids. it's not sustainable. >> the parents aren't convinced the district is reviewing all of the options. >>> now, let's look at what happened here. there's the list of all five being considered for closure. jean was at lakeview. but lazear, marshall, maxwell park, and santa fe
to fire. they also believe it was the same weapon used in one of the earlier killings. bassler was wanted for killing a city councilman at fort bragg on august 22 and also killing another man two weeks earlier. he's expected of having an illegal marijuana operation in the area as well. the sheriff's department is investigating a shooting at bay point. the sheriff's department says a man entered the home and threatened a pregnant b woman a her daughter. investigators say the woman then shot and killed the man. and in oakland this morning, three people were killed and a woman was seriously injured after their car hit a cement wall on a freeway exit ramp. take a look at the car that ended up teetering on the center divider. a 27-year-old man from oakland was speeding in that car when he lost control at the 98th avenue exit off 880. it happened at about 3:00 this morning. the driver died at the scene along with a 20-year-old woman from hayward, and a 29-year-old han from san leandro. another woman was taken to the alameda county medical center with serious injuries investigators say some of t
us. soaking the bay area tonight and the rain is only the beginning of what's coming our way. thank you for joining us. >> i'm jessica aguiri. on s secdtorm is headed our weibringing more rain, wind, thunderstorms, snowfall in the sierra. a dramatic drop in temperatures too. last week, in the 90s, this week, 60s. tracking our storm from the weather center. wille joins us from the big weather change on the y. >> the storm is advancing quickly. we have timing changes on that. we wan to look at what's left of the storm. it started to fall apart. it was slow to move in. that did help with us the rainfall totals, three-quarters of an inch in santa rosa. a tenth of an inch in san jose. areas including san jose. just south side of hay mohr, finding potty showers. the next storm, you'll find we head late tomorrow night and early wednesday morning, that storm system is going to be arriving quicker than originally thought. so that means we're going to see this heavier rainfall sooner. cold air blasts have prompted the winter storm warnings. double what we have seen in the entire month of octo
hear from the man who pulled the victims to safety. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> so what's it like to risk your life to save another in stifling 600 degree blaze? tonight, you can see it for yourself. a rescue caught on camera. two women are alive affair ripped through their home in concord. george kiriyama is there to tell us more about the rescue. george? >> reporter: these two firefighters are very humble, they're not comfortable with the hero's title. they say they were just doing their job. tonight, we're going to show you what their rescue was like, courtesy of their helmet video cam. >> where are you at, ma'am? >> back here. >> reporter: this video shows how two firefighters saved two women have a burning home in concord. the thick smoke made it almost impossible to see. an elderly woman and her caretaker were in the back room. the elderly woman couldn't walk on her own. >> what she had done is pulled the sheets from her head over her face and was shielding her face and using the sheet as a filter. i reached down and said ma'am, we need to leave. we've got to go. a
. good evening. and thanks for joining us. >> we've been following this story all evening. and the occupy standoff continues tonight between police and occupiers. just a short time ago, a fourth round of tear gas was fired into the ground. the fourth of the evening, which began around 7:30 this evening. hundreds of protesters, still lining the streets. it's been very chaotic. lots of stuff going on. and at this hour, police are in a line in front of protesters. waiting to see if there's going to be more confrontation. we have two teams covering the story for you. cheryl has amazing video from this evening's clash with protesters. >> reporter: police in oakland are doing their best to try to disburse this crowd, sending another round of tear gas into the crowd at 10:30. but the standoff continues. you can see there's a line of chp officers here, keeping broadway closed. and further down the street, the protesters are standing their ground, at 14th and broadway. even though they were tear gassed just 15 minutes ago. police are sending a clear message, no more camping. they decided to break
you can read more about today's earthquakes and tell us what it felt like to you. go to and search quake. >> we have a developing story tonight. they are hoping it's just a hoax. some east bay parents are not there and being swarmed with security because of a threatening message. >> this afternoon we received a threatening letter via fax from an unidentifiable individual indicating they would shoot students at concord high school tomorrow morning. we take any threats seriously and above all we want to maintain safe campus for all students. >> that was the automated message sent to parents by the school's principal. police were notified immediately and are investigating the threat. nearby el dorado middle school and westwood elementary school will be guarded. this is the third school threat in just week. >> i'm not bringing any of my kids to school tomorrow whatsoever. i don't want anything to happen to them. >> i think it's a hoax. some of the kids are playing jokes and they are taking it too far. >> the recent threat started last thursday when a threatening e-mail w
for people who have disabilities or conditions that prevent them from using regular buseses. east bay paratransit pairs up with other companies for its drivers. the man arrested today has been with the company since february of this year. he passed a criminal background check and a drug test. thises is first incident with the company who says he was at the end his shift and heading back to the bus yard when the accident happened. an east bay paratransit supervisor says the van is equipped with a camera is that she says should reveal what happened before, during, and after the accident. police say it will likely be several more hours before eastbound 580 will be completely reopened to traffic. they say a team is collecting evidence and there is a wide area of interstate they need to cover before opening it back up to traffic. live in san leandro tonight okimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kim. >>> surprisingly our other top story tonight, also has a hells angels' connection. san jose police traveled all the way to stockton earlier today where s.w.a.t. officers surrounded a
is making him legendary. the movie about bay surf legend, jay mohr yarty. and it shows us that it has some on the peninsula star-struck. >> reporter: hollywood rolls into san mateo for a movie shoot, attracting lots of attention. >> this is the most crowded i've seen 25th avenue for the first time. >> reporter: they wanted to see the shooting of "men and mavericks" up close. a movie about jay and his mentor. he was 22 when he died in a surfing accident. he launched into bigway surfing at mavericks north of half moon bay at 16. a story that she is attractive to. >> it's a local contest and makes me want to see the movie. it will be fun. >> reporter: movie fans had fun catching the stars in action. practicing riding a bike with ramben on the handlebars. >> i was hoping to see gir regard butler. >> reporter: some businesses closed early. west liquor stayed open late for a shoot that has peninsula buzzing. it's not every day, that people see a truck pulling a trailer, loaded with people and equipment, shooting a surf movie in town. >> you get to see the neighborhoods in the movie. >> reporter:
>>> good evening. thanks for joining us on this monday. total recall. that's the crawl in oakland to oust jean kwan. accusing her of being blind to the city's escalating crime and the crumbling state of the police force. it's on a recall petition drive. >> reporter: these papers were filed just before noon. they contain 71 signatures. 71 people who say they want a new oakland mayor. >> we have no say in her ability to leave. >> reporter: this is one oakland resident who signed a notice of intention to recall jean kwan as mayor of oakland. he wants the mayor out because she has ignored the city's safety. >> we have not been able to maintain a full police department. >> reporter: he potents to chief batt's resignation. he is leading the call for the recall effort. he says he has several reasons. >> a total disregard for the competency of a commissioner. and she's going to look at ignoring that and which speaks to the health and well-being of the city as it relates to the poor. >> reporter: the mayor did not respond directly to the recall effort. instead, her press secretary released
jose helds angel member. tonight, police telling us who he's with and where he might be with us. good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> the he that we're talking about is hells angels shooting suspect steve ruiz. he was thought to be dead, but now investigators say they have evidence he's alive and on the run tonight. the hells angel member wanted in the killing of a fellow gang member. you may remember the gun fire erupted during a funeral of a hells angel saturday at oak hills cemetery. now police say ruiz has two black eyes and other injuries to his face. the 38-year-old suspect, believed to be with a woman who goes by the last name, ferguson. we're told the 42-year-old woman may be in danger tonight and the two may be traveling in a chevy suburban. >>> late tonight, they were ordered to be out by 10:00 p.m. it's now 11:00, and they are not budging. the protestors are defying an eviction notice from city hall. if the city wants them out, they'll have to use force. joining us now, cheryl, oakland police seems to be staying away. is this a victory for the occupy movement? >> rep
'm raj mathai. a blast of wenter in the middle of fall. the worst is likely to hit us, you see the map here, in the middle of the night. rain, wind, thunder and even a chfce o hail. we have team coverage on the storm watch tonight. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the rain and will tell you when your neighborhood will get drenched. but we begin with nbc bay area's jean elle where some are already cleaning up before the worst arrives. >> reporter: raj, the rain is picking up, the wind is picking up. we're seeing some of that sideways rain right now. one woman knows all too well this storm is strong. she's weathering the storm is a hole in her roof. >> the whole ceiling fell out, the sheetrock, the insulation, the wood, debris. >> reporter: linda is stunned by the hole in her house. she was having a cup of tea on her couch last night around 1:30 when the house shook. >> all of a sudden i heard this thunder rouse sound and this roof saved in. if i had been standing further, it would have probably hit me in the head. >> reporter: a redwood tree ranch caused all this damage. >>
for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. from the death of steve jobs to a deadly shooting spree in the south bay, we have team coverage tonight. new information on both of our big stories. >> we begin with the life of steve jobs. the history books will now take over, trying to gauge the impact he's had on modern life. as the tributes pour in from across the world, keep in mind it's here in the bay area where he was born, where he thrived, and ultimately where he died. >> certainly an emotional night for millions around the world. scott budman begins our coverage from apple headquarters in cupertino. scott, you're just a few miles away from where jobs and his boyhood friend started apple computers in his garage. >> reporter: it's the classic silicon valley story. after so many products, so much lore, so much influence over silicon valley, everyone has a favorite steve jobs commercial. but how about this, jobs famously inviting a ceo candidate to come with him and change the world. we did, and he did. >> this is the new mac book, and you can get a feel for how thin it is. >>
girl and why police have not yet arrested her killer. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we'll have more on that meeting in a moment. but first, breaking news in the east bay where two amtrak trains collided 30 minutes ago, this happening inside the train station. right now word is that 18 people have been injured. >> we do know it was a low impact collision. jean elle joins us live on the scene with the details. jean, do we know why this happened and the extend of the injuries here? >> reporter: this investigation is just beginning. the scene is very active. there are investigators here, as well emergency personnel, tending to people who are injured. two trains collided on this same track. witnesses tell me a train coming from bakersfield came into the station here and didn't stop until it hit a train that was stopped on the track. that train was coming from santa barbara heading to seattle. people on board said they felt a big jolt. >> the guy across the hall was talking about his arm hurt because he fell. and the other guy, i d
c re us to we es s. ou m r d ot ta t am r r he ti >> t nd e y, e k s w ma t ma ga g ng nc s. ns ur . a in at l t ch to h b > po : e in in or c 's ig on e e ee w th un vo on uv le ew an i- er la an ch le n r mp ga nj io yo o ai p ng al he po t hi ev e ed f c th it > 'm a y e e ea 1% or ic . w il ju a g ut oi om ng d a in >> or c ts es ti au so pe by pr it ff t yo on t e or in jo re y t do i 't me . ep r: t' xt t ty oa d? t p e s ng ac nd in c t b th le c w re h fo no th ea le t yo ys sh w u in t nd in m li hi st po c f ar da n is in ow t. s i ha si
belong to the california medical association, and again, it is the largest medical group in the u.s. to support legalizing marijuana. >>> donation are pouring in to the occupy wall street moovlt in new york. just a few blocks down in the park where the protesters have gathered, you'll find food, medical supplies, housing and more. the food is housed in a former bank at the broadway exchange. we're told the goods are donated from all over the world and even the space is free. the park howuses a medical tent and kitchen. >> people have been sending us so much support, it's overwhelming. >> i think people feel a part of a community. they feel appreciated. they feel like they belong. >> so far organizers say $235,000 has also been donated to the movement. a peace movement was on this morning. this is 55-year-old cindy sheehan. she was one of 500 demonstrators arrested for failure to disperse. she attracted attention back in 1995 after her son was kidnapped in iraq. >>> dan wheldon, two-time indy 500 winner died today in the indy car series season finale. during a 15-car wreck on lap 12
a couple of years ago which led to us being foreclosed on. i'm unemployed and looking for work to pay for our three children's college education. it's tough out there for people over 50 >> kyle: actor danny glover who led the charge says the occupy movement has a broader glow. >> we have to talk about something much bigger than that. we have to talk about a shift in resources. a shift in income. a shift in taxation. it begins with that. >> a movement for change! >> kyle: there's no question the movement is growing. right now it appears to lack leadership, a cohesive message. even those involved aren't sure it will result in any kind of tangible change. >> we don't know what this movement's going to bring. right now, right now, we don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. one thing about the uncertainty of what we're in, that there is a great deal of uncertainty, that anything's possible. but we have to imagine there's a better world >> kyle: the march was organized by but dozens of labor and community groups also took part. both the mayors of oakland and richmond expresse
and has agreed to meet again on monday. >> he did give us 48 hours and that falls into the weekend and we believe that gives us until monday to continue showing the community as a whole and also the mayor if he comes down to see how good of a job we are doing. >> worry a mass march set for saturday this halloween will be like no other. that occupy costume march starts at 3:00 tomorrow at justin herman plaza. nbc bay area news. only in the bay area, right? new tonight at 11, more controvercy we the case of injured giants fan brian stow. stow's attorney blasted the los angeles dodgers and frank mccourt after an attorney for the team suggested stow could be partly to blame for his brutal beating. >> can you imagine how despicable they are to say as he is walking out and gets assaulted from the rear, he is not driving. he is walking out of the park. whether it's his fault? they are the most despicable of everything. >> a counter suit was fired by mccourt's lawyer placing blame on attackers citing to that stow had alcohol in his system at the time of the attack. >> at oak hills cemetery a memo
joins us there. the deadline was 10:00, have we seen anything change? >> reporter: we saw some movement here at about 10:00, we saw some of the people from protest sf get up and mobilize. they were preparing just in case officers moved in. we didn't see that, however, so far it's been pretty peaceful, protesters say they plan to be here indefinitely as this movement grows. >> they say justin herman plaza is a public place, and should be open for people to gather and voice their opinions. police are monitoring the situation tonight after they clashed with members of occupy sf last night. they want to help facilitate the group's first amendment right. but they want to make sure they're doing it peacefully without breaking any laws. in the last three days, since occupy sf took over justin herman plaza, moving from the federal reserve. they've been warning them about the rules. including one that prohibits camping or sleeping in the park overnight. >> we distributed flyers to the protesters letting them know they will be violating the rules if they continue to stay and create these makeshif
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the list of banks that won't be charging customers to use their debit cards. still, protesters say it's not enough to make them leave. >> no, that's not -- there needs to be a big change in this country. they need to strength dodd frank or bring back de gal, they have to regulate these people. >> despite brief clashes with police, there were no arrests during that protest earlier this evening when protesters marched throughout this city, mean while, they are planning for an even bigger event here on wednesday. they are planning a general strike that will involve going door to door to businesses throughout the city, asking them to close and join this movement. live in oakland tonight. elise kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> supporters of the occupy movement in santa rosa won a victory today, the right to camp overnight at city hall. a crowd of about 1,000 people erupted into cheers when a member of the community advisory board made that announcement. >>> a shark attacked a man this morning, he was surfing with some friends just a couple miles north of monterey when it happened. he's bein
us why the bad guys will stop at nothing to get their hands on what they're after. cheryl? >> reporter: an unusual break-in here at the theeuater in oakland. the thieves came for cash but left with candy bars. >> they came into the office, you know, they got in through this door. >> reporter: and behind this door was a safe. a safe manager greg espinoza says even james bond would have trouble breaking into. >> it's just astonishing. they brought power tools, everything, jackhammers, hand powered saw, and lord knows what else. >> reporter: the thieves broke into the theater about 3:00 sunday this morning. there was no way they could crack the code, so they went to work. >> they even tried cutting through the lid with a power saw. i mean, look at this. there was no way in hell they were getting through here. >> reporter: so the burglars resorted to ransacking the theater, looking for something else to steal. this surveillance video shows them backing up their suv and loading up boxes of candy. >> once they realized they were getting into the safe, they probably got frustrate
both marches in oakland and san francisco. you can stay with us onair and online. updates throughout the website throughout the night. >>> it is decision time. months of emotional confrontations over oakland tonight. the district is face-to-face, with an angry crowd. fighting to keep five elementary schools open. are the talks still going on inside, jean? >> this meeting is still going on. hundreds of people crowded this auditorium. the crowd is thinner. but people are still telling the board of education not to close five elementary schools. but the superintendent said, the schools must close. a spirited crowd sent a clear message, save our schools, kicking off a tense oakland school meeting about school closures. >> you just fight. and you are not fighting. you are choosing to be executioners. >> reporter: the auditorium was overflowing with anger and frustration. but superintendent, tony smith, says he needs to return investments for students. >> this conversation came agent too many schools in oakland. >> reporter: superintendent smith recommended the board support closing all fi
's pier 80 with the latest on that for us. >> reporter: diane, while san francisco firefighters called off their search this evening presuming this man is dead, the coast guard continues to hold out hope that he is alive and say they are searching for a survivor. >> total freak accident. i can't believe it. >> reporter: friend of a missing kayaker are in disbelief after what was supposed to be a fun day out on the bay turned tragic. san francisco police say a 55-year-old kayaker got too close to a tug boat that was directing a tanker toward pier 80. his kayak got caught in current generated by the tug boat's propellers and overturned. >> when i turned around to see how he was doing, his boat was already over. oh, my god, tom, get out of the boat. there was no -- so he was already out and under. >> reporter: the man never resurfaced and his friends called out to the tug boat for help. san francisco police and fire, along with the u.s. coast guard searched the water for hours. but found no sign of him. beau barnes says this was the third time he had been out kayaking with this friend who was
us like we're in a third world country. >> we had an officer pushed off his motorcycle, and we had two officers who were kicked. when it escalated to that point, we made a citywide call. >> that call was for more officers. police say they hope their aggressiveness will make people leave the capital. there were no serious injuries there. >>> one part of this occupy movement is the 99%. who is the 1%? occupy wall street says the movements represents 99% of the americans who have been left behind while a tiny majority of wealthy earners are gathering at a rapid pace. who are they? about 1.4 million households qualify for entrance into the club. you don't need a million-dollar salary for this. some show that people earning $350,000 or more are in that 1%. some show people learning $700,000. and the bottom of the country earned an average income of $9,000 a year. there is mcaincome and there is wealth, which is very different. some polls show that 20% of the income in this country represents the nation's wealth. >>> there was a focus but much was on the candidate surging as of late. tha
if she didn't stop, i'm not going to stop. >> that's all for now. i'm chris hansen. for all of us at nbc news, thanks for >> authored and will take affect on january 1st. another bill signed into law today prevents local governments from banning male circumcision. this comes from a response to a group opposed to circumcision. members of the grassroot -- group wanted a ban added to the ballot in san francisco. that law takes affect immediately. >>> with just months before the first gop primary for president, there's no frontrunner, and to make things more interesting, for the second week in a row, a candidate is gaining ground just as a struggling frontrunner is facing serious new questions. mike has the very latest. >> reporter: another straw poll, another win for a rising candidate. >> it was herman cain! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: coming off a victory last week in florida, today herman cain did it again, winning in kansas city. cain's surge comes as rick perry fights to gain favor with conservatives. this weekend in new hampshire, hitting back on charges he's soft on i
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